torsdag 19 januari 2012

happy new tibia year

Let's Celebrate! (Updated with Akananto)
Finally, the festivites for Tibia's 15th anniversary have started. Are you ready for some fun events to celebrate this milestone? Then check our featured article which will be updated 15 times within the next weeks.
Update: Arrrr...arrr...Akananto is here!

Jan 17 2012 -
Visit Nostalgia
ibians, are you ready for a blast to the past?

From today on until February 15, you can indulge in tibia bot moments by visiting the small island Nostalgia. You can reach this museum island by boat from Thais for only 20 gold coins. While premium players can already access Nostalgia today, free account players will be able to visit it from tomorrow on. Get a taste of how Tibia's graphics looked back in the early days - you may even meet some old "friends" there...

Also, our featured article has been updated again. Do you dare to face Craban ingame?

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Jan 15 2012 -
ibia has reached the grand age of 15 years, and we want to celebrate this milestone with you because without you, the most dedicated, passionate and loyal fans, Tibia would be just an empty shell.

So let the festivities begin! Thais, the oldest city of Tibia, has been decorated, and this month's Tibia mc has been released. It will keep you updated about the exciting ingame events we have prepared for you.

Is that all? No! Further surprises are to come within the next weeks, for example something special for old guilds. But we do not want to spoil everything in advance today so stay tuned for further news!

Have fun and see you in Tibia!
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